We rely on our volunteers and interns to serve the community. Join us!

Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with SAOP, from office assistance to direct service. Below are descriptions of all of the opportunities we offer through our organization. You will be provided with adequate training, and we will capture your training for your internship our volunteer learning plan document. 

If you have any questions, please contact SAOP via phone or email. When you are ready to become a volunteer, please fill out a Volunteer and Intern Application.

Office Assistance Advocate

Required Training: 12 hours

Work within the office resource center to assist with the daily function of the program. Create community outreach materials for distribution, assist with constructing materials for trainings, greet walk-in clients and community members, and update social media and the SAOP website.

Awareness Raising Advocate

Require Training: 12 hours

Work within the community to raise awareness regarding sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. Promote and facilitate awareness raising events, campaigns, and programs (i.e. the Clothesline Project, Take Back the Night, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Safe & Healthy Relationships Library Campaign, Women’s Health Day events, etc). Build relationships within the community to assist with awareness raising, and to facilitate a coordinated community response to violence.

Hotline Advocate

Required Training: 40 hours

SAOP maintains a 24-hour crisis hotline. Hotline advocates provide crisis intervention, advocacy, and referral services. Hotline advocates often work 4- to 15- hour shifts (advocates can choose their own hours and days). Advocates will have access to a staff back-up for questions, concerns, and assistance while on a shift. Hotline advocates must be trained and knowledgeable regarding trauma and violence, crisis intervention, advocacy, assessing for suicidality, trauma-informed practices, and active listening.

Medical Accompaniment Advocate

Required Training: 40 hours

Assist survivors of violence during emergency and follow-up medical appointments. Duties may include: responding to the hospital to accompany a survivor through a medical examination and/or evidence collection kit immediately following as assaultive experience; assisting a survivor in scheduling follow-up medical appointments; accompanying a survivor to follow-up medical appointments; and accompanying survivors for future STI, HIV, and pregnancy test appointments.

Required Training: 40 hours

Assist survivors of violence throughout law enforcement investigation interviews, legal/prosecution interviews, civil protection order and other civil court hearings, criminal court proceedings, and Title IX judiciary processes.

​Education/Group Facilitation Advocate

Required Training: 40 Hours

SAOP offers free trainings to community organizations regarding interpersonal violence, as well as educational groups for survivors of violence. Duties for Education/Group Facilitation Advocates may include: training community groups regarding SAOP services and interpersonal violence, presenting at health fairs and community events, and facilitating educational programming for survivors of violence.

Other Opportunities

  • Public Speaking
  • Research
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Engaging Men Programming
  • Bystander Intervention Programming


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