New Leaf Justice Enterprises

New Leaf Justice Enterprises is creating pathways to empowerment education and economic justice.

At New Leaf, we understand that experiencing trauma and substance misuse uproots survivors from their community and support networks. New Leaf reestablishes these connections so our participants and their children can thrive.

What is a New Leaf Community?

Each New Leaf Community will have the facilities and staffing structure to provide all the below services at no cost. The program components/facilities in each community are clustered into New Leaf community micro-centers meaning all services are located within a 10-minute walk of each other and most services will be open to the larger community whenever possible.

Program Overview

2 Years of Housing

Free housing for 2 years in individual units with family or New Leaf roommates.

Supported Employment Sites

Living wage employment at one of our New Leaf Marketplace locations.

Workforce Development

Skills development and job readiness.


Existing community resources and access to low cost EV rental.


Trauma- specific therapy and non-acute recovery services.

Childcare/ Youth Resilience Centers

Childcare centers and/or individual providers.

Advocacy and Case Management

Case management and advocacy services

Progam Outcomes

Current Status

New Leaf is nearing completion of its Nelsonville Recovery Village, and construction will begin on New Leaf Glouster and Athens in the fall of 2022. The collaborative team is garnering additional investment to launch social enterprise/joint ventures and will break ground on the first 3D-printed housing community in Glouster in early 2023. Since February 2021, New Leaf has garnered over $6 million in capital/programatic funding and actively seeks additional investment as part of Ohio Builds, State Capital, and direct ARPA allocations requests.

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