Filing Assistance

The Crime Victims Compensation unit administers awards of compensation in accordance with Ohio’s Crime Victims Compensation Law, which provides payments to eligible survivors of violent crime for their unreimbursed economic losses. Examples of losses that may be reimbursable are attorney fees, counseling services, medical bills associated with the offense, lost wages, and mileage to doctor/court appointments.

SAOP’s advocates are trained by the Attorney General’s office to assist survivors in filing compensation claims. Please call our hotline to schedule an appointment to begin the filing process. To contact the Crime Victims Compensation unit, please call 1.800.582.2877 or visit for additional information.

VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) is available to anyone, including survivors, advocates, law enforcement, judges and the public. It provides free, anonymous, 24-hour access, over the phone or through the Internet, to the custody status of offenders in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, county jails, and juvenile inmates in the Department of Youth Services. VINE also provides automated telephone or email notification when the offender has a change in custody, including release, transfer, escape, re-arrest (return from escape) or death. For more information, please call our hotline or go to An advocate with SAOP can help you register for VINE in person or over the phone.

Outcomes for Filing Assistance

  • Complete and file an application for victim’s compensation (adults)
  • Register to be notified when perpetrators of violence are released or moved to a new facility (teens, adults, co-survivors, and SSBO)