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Annual Reports


SAOP empowers the community and all survivors of sexual violence to live free of sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking.


A world where everyone has the support and right to live a safe life free of sexual violence.



Survivors are the masters of their own story and healing process. Because of this, we strive to empower survivors to make the choices they see as pivotal to their own path to healing. This value also extends to our awareness and prevention work as we strive to empower individuals and communities to have healthy relationships, recognize unhealthy relational patterns, and prevent sexual and relational violence before it occurs.


Individuals who experience interpersonal violence do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, survivors are situated in relationships and communities. As such, we also value community and recognize how a supportive community, or lack thereof, can affect a survivors healing and/or create environments that support interpersonal violence. We are dedicated to fostering communities that not only support survivors after abuse but also promote positive healthy relationships, communities and families that are free of violence.


Through our work with survivors, we are entrusted with extremely personal and sensitive information. Because of this, we operate under stringent practices to keep such information secure and confidential on behalf of our clients.

Annual Reports

SAOP become a 501(c)(3) in 2018. In the future, annual reports will be posted here.

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