Service Coordination

Assess service needs of survivors and link them to supportive services and other community resources.

Facilitate programs and services such as counseling, legal, and housing needs.

Plan services needed for survivor. Outlines other supports and services that may be of assistance to survivor.

Monitor care plan and reevaluate based on survivors needs.

Assist with applications for benefits with other programs.

Advocate for survivor rights and adequate services.

Outcomes for Service Coordination

  • Referrals for alcohol, drug, case management and mental health services (adults, teens, co-survivors, and SSBO)
  • Referrals for legal services/attorneys (adults, teens, co-survivors, and SSBO)
  • Housing/shelter referrals (teens, adults, survivors, and co-survivors)
  • Food banks and clothing options (adults, teens, co-survivors, and SSBO)